Saturday, September 23, 2017

Section 9: THE DARK LIGHT: Exposing The Antichrist Virus

The Ultimate Question:

As if set in some "house of mirrors," the true process of Christian Redemption has now become hidden among a vast array of twisted, alternative images.

One Simple Question

            However, one simple question still brings us to the true process.  And, the answer to this question also entirely determines the tone and quality of our relationship with God.  And, it defines the priority and direction of both our material and our Spiritual life.  And, it is the first determinant as to whether or not our heart will ever be truly attuned to God’s heart.  And, this profoundly simple question, which resides at the very center of true redemption is simply this, “Do you want to be new?”

            This is a very different question from, “Do you want to be saved?”  Or, “Do you want God to rescue you from a difficult circumstance?”  It is different from, “Do you want to go to Heaven?”  All of these are important questions and they represent good reasons for responding to Christ.  But this question takes us to the very essence of God’s ultimate redemptive intent in Christ – the renewal of our core person.

            If one is not really interested in wholeheartedly embracing a personal transformation in Christ, then indeed, our heart will never become truly attuned to God’s.  Nor does the destiny of our soul lie in God’s Heaven.  Think these conclusions are exaggerated and too harsh?  They are not. 

            Jesus said that one must be “born gain.” And, again, as we’ve already seen, the apostle, Paul, spoke of the believer becoming “A new creation in Christ.”  So, the problem here is not an exaggeration of the importance of the believer’s transformation.  The real problem is the amplified lies of the non-responsible, antichrist based, bogus gospel which dominates our times.  

            The real problem is that the modern Protestant/ Evangelical Church has widely embraced this giant heresy which gives up on the human potential, dismantles the import of God’s moral principles, and paints the believer as hopelessly degenerate.  The real problem is this devilish, “forgiveness only” gospel which has no substantial view of a here-and-now renewal for the believer.
            In point of fact, God never intended forgiveness to become an end in itself.  Forgiveness is really but a beginning place for our journey toward newness and heart-oneness with Him.  Thus, God's very purpose driven redemptive plan necessarily takes us on beyond that beginning place of the forgiveness furnished by the Cross of Christ.  Ultimately, true redemption takes us to that consummate event of the New Testament which flows out of the Resurrection and the reality of a Living Savior.  It takes us to our personal Spiritual merger with Christ. 

            And through this pinnacle, stand-alone, redemptive event, which follows our embrace of the Lordship of Christ, we are integrated into his living character essence.  And through this integration, comes the thorough refreshment of our own heart, as we experience the impact of the value system of Christ in our core person.
            Thus, Jesus would pray this prayer for all of His disciples:  He said, “…that they all may be one, as you, Father, are in me and I in you, that they also may be one in us.”  And so, the true Gospel brings us to God’s true redemptive intention – our heart-oneness with Him through a shared value system. 

            And, this very strategic change in man’s nature, changes everythingIt brings a true newness to who we are.  And, with that newness comes a durable and surpassing peace with God as we now share a heart likeness with Him. 

            Thus, the directional flow of the true Gospel is well defined.  It is simply this constant growth toward heart-oneness with the divine heart.  But this final result never happens unless that very foundational question, “Do I want to be new?” is first truthfully answered in the positive. 

            And, this defining question is never entirely answered with mere words.  But, it must also be answered by the pressing reality of a driving desire within. 

            So, from the very first, it all comes to this: “Do I want to be new?”  And, if our answer is a desperate, “Yes!” then we will easily recognize the worthlessness of the barely vested, minimally invasive, forgiveness-only emptiness offered by the antichrist gospel of non-responsibility.  And, we will just as easily sense the inestimable worth of the authentic, all-in, truly transformative, Christ-empowered redemption which is the genuine New Testament prescription. 
            So, it is true.  In this late hour of redemptive history, we, are, indeed, faced with a very deceptive choice.  On the one hand, we are confronted with a well-masked lie proposing an easy, do-nothing redemption, but which, in truth, leads only to Hell, itself.  And, on the other hand, stands the more challenging, but life transforming authentic Gospel - the Gospel which not only saves our soul but entirely renews our core person to bring us fully back into a true heart embrace with our Creator. 

Thus, the clarified choice really just becomes this – easy or new?

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