Saturday, September 23, 2017

Section 0: THE DARK LIGHT: Exposing The Antichrist Virus

   “If the light that is in you be darkness, 
                  how great is that darkness  - Jesus

      A devastating "theological virus" has been introduced into the more modern Protestant/ Evangelical Church over several generations now.  It is a belief system which, when left unchecked, devastates the true teachings of redemptive faith.  And, it has already infected a huge number of believers, cutting across all denominational lines.  But, its lies are so subtle that those affected remain oblivious to the reality that their very soul has been subverted.

An Overview

    The Dark Light: 
           Exposing the Antichrist Virus 

This series has 12 installments to enable easy study and reference. Also, to that same end, Section 10 is a Quick-Link Study Outline. In that Study Outline the Section Numbers are linked directly to that particular section of the writing. So, you can simply click on the Green Section Link to jump immediately to that section of the writing - in a New Window. Then, just scroll down through the Subtitles to the precise area you want to review. When you are finished reading, close the Window which you are reading in and you will be immediately back where you were previously.  
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  Section 0:
      An Overview

  Section 1:

  Section 2: 
  Section 3:
            God’s Authentic Redemptive Process: 
  Section 4:
            The Winds Of Change: 
  Section 5:
            Re-establishing Some Critical Concepts: 
  Section 6:
            The Dual Roll Of Christ:
  Section 7:
            A Return To The Roman Dilemma: 
  Section 8: 
            An Important Question: 

  Section 9: 
            TheUltimate Question:

   Section 10:
            Quick Link Study Outline:

  Section 11:
            Glossary Of Terms:

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