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Section 10: THE DARK LIGHT: Exposing The Antichrist Virus

“If the light that is in you be darkness,
                     how great is that darkness?”
- Jesus
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      Forward: THE LONG WAY HOME

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                        In The Old Testament
                        In The New Testament
                        Summary and Conclusion

                        Shaped By His Expectations
                        It Is His Plan
                        It Is a Precise Plan
                        The Plan Employs a Process 
                        A Quick Overview of the Redemptive Process
                        It’s All Essential
                        The Process Requires Completion
                        A Father’s Anticipation
            THE WINDS OF CHANGE: 
                        The Original Plan
                        Christ Our Perfect Way Back
                        But That Was Then... 
                        The Foundational Idea
                        The Term Its Self
                        The New Version 
                        This Changes Everything
                        The Perfect Example: THE ROMAN DILEMMA 
                        The Devil’s Normal
                        Discrediting The “Non-responsibility” Idea

     Section 5: Link
                                    An Overspecialization
                                    The Broader Meaning More Accurate
                                    A Superior Government 
                                    What It Is, What It Isn't
                                    How Very Logical
                                    The Nature of Sin and The Sin Problem
                                    The Sin Value
                                    Back To The Sin Issue 
                                    God's Primary Target
                                    The Sin Voice: Open Hostility vs. Quiet                                                  Independence
                                    Condemnation, Absent Expression 
                                    An Obvious Conclusion
                                    Essential Sin = The Heart Value Of Self-                                               determination  
                                    Faith Is Also Two Dimensional
                                    A Non-responsibility Twist 
                                    The Perfect Answer
                                    Faith Ultimately Rules 
                                    More Will Than Intellect
                                    The Faith That Saves: Influential Humility
                                    Influential Humility Defines The Believer 
                                    The Great Leap 
                        THE NATURE OF GOD’S LOVE:
                                    Love And Respect: Some Interesting                                                    Connections
                                    In The Nature of God
                                    In The God’s Word
                                    In The Family Structure 
                                    Now, Some Powerful Parallels
                                    Respect Comes In Three Types:
                                    Based In Nature
                                    Based In Position
                                    Based In Performance
                                    In A Word
                                    Now God's Love 
                                    God's Love Based In His Nature
                                    God's Love Based In His Position
                                    God's Love Based In Performance
                                    Again, Redefinition
                                    In Summary
                                    Now, God’s Love In Action
        Section 6: Link 
                        The Magnificent Savior Of The World
            The Dying Christ:  Our Reconciliation     
                        Imputed Righteousness
                        A Sidebar:  Imputed Righteousness
1.      It is based in the work of Christ, not those of the believer.
2.      It is a transitional protection.
                                    Reality Based Righteousness
                                    The Spirit Source  
                                    Imputed vs. Reality Based
                                    It’s By Christ’s Faith
                                    A Protection Of Ever Diminishing Necessity
                                    The Non-responsible Exaggeration
                                    A False Security
                                    Distortion = More Distortion
                                    In Conclusion
                        Now, Back To The Dying Christ
            The Living Christ:  Our Completion   
                        The Believer’s Completion
                        The Divine Merger
                        The Implications 
                        The Great Mystery: A Completely Unique Event 
                        The Benefits of the Baptism
                                    Character Fruit
                                    The New Birth In Real Terms
                                    True Righteousness 
                                    God's Vision Enabled
                                    A New Creature
                                    An Empowered Faith
                                    Power Over Sin 
                                    How This Works
                                    The Target Event
                                    The Most Important Result 
                                    The Old Man, The New Man
                                    Created According to God 
                                    Free At Last, Free At Last
                                    The Transformative Walk
                                    Again, It’s Like DNA
                                    But, It’s Never Merely A Growth Process
                                    In The Living Christ:Faith Empowers Grace
                        It Takes Both
                        Now, Let’s Return To – “The Roman Dilemma” 
       Section 7: Link
                        Back To The Dilemma: Romans 7: 14-25
                        The Carnal State: “The Big In Between"
                        God’s Purposes Served
                        And, The Answer Does Come
                        The Conceptual Interpretation:  Romans 7:14-25
                        “Flesh” Guided vs. Spirit Guided:  Romans 8:1-2
                        The Fallacy Exposed
                        The Conceptual Interpretation:  Romans 8:1-2
                        Inner Values vs. External Rules:  Romans 8: 3-4
                        Two Essential Objectives
                        The Conceptual Interpretation:  Romans 8: 3-4
                        A Sobering Contrast:  Romans 8: 5-9
                        The Statement-Of-Faith Age
                        The Sin Essence Will Be Eradicated
                        Again, A Process Requiring Completion
                        The “What If’s”
                        The Important Take-away
                        The Conceptual Interpretation:  Romans 8: 5-9
                        Redemption:  A Very Serious Business
                        The Spirit of Life:  Romans 8: 10-11
                        The Conceptual Interpretation:  Romans 8: 10-11
                        A Vision Of Renewal:  Romans 8: 12-17
                        Subjugation and Empowerment
                        The Conceptual Interpretation:  Romans 8: 12-17
                        The “Roman Dilemma”- The Real Picture
                        A Head-To-Head Summary: The True vs. The False
                        The Final Conclusions
                        From Dilemma To Dream Come True

       Section 8:  Link
      The Question:  
           How do we account for occasional sinful failures?
                        Vessels Of Clay
                        The War Of The Secondary
                        Is This A Contradiction?
                        A Cleansing Sub-process
                        Always With A View Of Victory
                        The Larger Conclusions

                  One Simple Question

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